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Will Explore tell me if government travel advice changes?

As a UK-based company, we constantly monitor and heed the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) travel warnings and advice. Where we consider it appropriate to do so, we may cancel tours prior to departure or terminate, re-route or otherwise make changes to tours operating in or through the country or part of the country concerned. Any such decision we make will always be made in the interests of safety and security.

If you’re not a UK national we won’t be monitoring your government travel advice, so we strongly recommend you do so yourself.

Where tours are cancelled prior to departure, Explore will offer the choice of a refund of all monies paid or an alternative tour. Where an alternative tour is taken, any price difference will then be paid by, or refunded to, the customer as appropriate.

Where tours are already operating, Explore may terminate, re-route or make other changes. The decision will be made in the light of safety and organisational/logistical considerations. Where a tour is terminated in mid-operation by Explore, we will refund such monies which relate to those parts of the tour that have not been delivered where we are able to obtain refunds from the supplier(s) concerned. Where trips have been re-routed or otherwise changed and it may reasonably be argued that the essential travel experience offered on that tour has been provided, then no refunds will apply.

Find out more on our Travel Safety page.