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Where can I find my flight booking reference?

Your flight booking reference will be sent to you 3 weeks before departure in your final documentation pack in the right hand column of your flight details. For some trips you may find difference references if flying with more than one airline or your trip includes internal flights.

Many airlines will display your name on the ticket as Lastname/FirstnameTitle. If you have any hyphens or apostrophes in your name it is likely these will not appear on your ticket either. Please do not worry this is common practise with airline ticketing systems. For a majority of destinations your middle name is not essential and only first and surnames are required. 

It is important to ensure that your names are spelt exactly as per your passport at the time of confirmation; any discrepancies can prevent you from being able to travel on your flights.

For checking in for EasyJet flights please choose the option No account or EasyJet holidays booking and then add the flight booking reference and your last name to access your booking.